There are several socio-economic and cultural reasons for you to build your own house, regardless of your economic status. There is a natural desire for every man to build his own house and provide a stable home for his family, so let’s check out the major benefits you can get from building your own house.

Why you should build your own house

  1. Freedom: Build your own house and have the full freedom in your home design. Since it’s your own house, you build whatever you desire and you’re in full control of the painting, decor, and accessories. If you want to have total control over the entire look and feel of your home, simply build it.
  2. Build equity: It is a well-known fact that properties especially houses appreciates, build your own house and build equity for yourself. When you build your house in a strategic location, in a matter of years, the house is prime to yield returns in form of sale, rent or probably lease.
  3. Pride: have you ever heard of pride of ownership?, there is a natural pride that comes with living in your own house. For example, in a Nigeria community, renting an apartment can occasionally result in embarrassment, an argument with a co-tenant, or at worst an unexpected notice to quit. When you build your own home, you feel a booming confidence and soothing comfort which result in a high self-esteem in yourself.
  4. Privacy: You can rent a flat or a stand-alone apartment, but if you want total privacy in your home, you need to build yours. Live in your own house and have full and total privacy, no encumbrance, hindrance nor restriction. You do whatever you like, whenever you feel like.
  5. Increase your savings: It’s ironic that most people spend their entire savings to build a house. But in the long run, you avoid the accumulation of house rent expenses, which can be quite a huge amount especially in a city like Lagos. Those savings you spent on building your house, can easily be recovered in a couple of years, and you can have a more stable financial commitment. House rent can be very unpredictable, if you want to save big, build your own house.
  6. Stability: Have a stable life by building your own house, without the unnecessary need to move or relocate every couple of years. Don’t be a journeyman, allow your family to have a community of their own without the fear of having to pack. If you want a stable home and a stable life for your family, build them a home.
  7. Secure your retirement: You work so hard from your thirties to your fifties, time to retire is getting close. The best investment to fall back on during retirement is having a house. Your house can serve as a source of income during retirement, plus you are safe from the heavy burden of paying hiking house rents during retirement. If your current house rent is below 40% of your income, prepare for the future and start to build your own house.
  8. Low-risk investment: You can build a house for you and your family to live, or your house can serve as a source of income. There is assurance on high returns on your investment when you build a house, as it can continuously yield funds for long years. Moreover, the risk of you losing your investment is low in real estate compared to other forms of investments. That’s because the demand for accommodation in Nigeria is high and keep rising.
  9. Inheritable: leave a lasting legacy and memory to your children and maybe grandchildren. Several houses have been passed on for generations, with simple renovations to keep the structure updated. If you are worried about the financial situation of your family at your demise, build them a home.
  10. Comfort: House rent is on the rise, almost doubling every 5years, with the current trend, your current house rent is likely to double between 6-8years. Enjoy a soothing comfort of less worries and headache, by building and living in your own house. Moreso, with you having full control of your abode, no co-tenant argument and no Landlord complaints to worry about, you and your family will live more comfortable and happier.

Is there a perfect time to build your own house?

Considering Nigeria’s current economic status, with constant inflation and shrinking business opportunities. The more you delay or wait, the higher the cost of realizing your dream home. Take the first step, start bit by bit, don’t wait till when you get the entire cash.

For low to middle-income earners, building a house can be harsh, but when you endure and persevere, at the end you realize the benefits are worth it.

Build your house in less than 6 months with
a repayment plan lasting up to 36 months

So, how can you build your own house?

Check out our affordable housing scheme, select a package that suits your budget and set up a simple payment plan while we build your home. Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions) page about the terms related to our payment plans, see the different types of packages we offer with their full features and prices.