Building a house can be difficult, we are offering affordable houses to tackle the horrible experiences from buying land and unstable price of materials. We setup a repayment plan system to create an easier pathway to build a house in our estate. Because of our repayment plan system, the houses we offer are the most affordable to the middle and low income earners.

Inline with our vision, 360 DEGREE EMN strives to be a full solutions based company, that offers the most complete and easiest affordable house construction solutions. We professionally manage house projects for individuals and organisations, by delivering their projects right from inception to handover. Therefore, construction and project management are fully handled by us for our clients.

In addition, we advise our clients on the best package to subscribe for, offer outstanding building designs (architectural and structural), construct and eventually hand over.

Are the houses really affordable?

We have setup a repayment plan, structured on affordability and convenience to our clients. A client deposit an initial percentage, after which construction starts. We accomplish building the house in a very short time, while the client can continue paying the balance payment in installments.

Who can subscribe to our affordable houses

Our goal is to ease the burden on individuals, CMS (Cooperative Multipurpose Societies), Associations and corporate organisations. We  aid these individuals and organisations in realizing their aspirations the easiest way, with less financial burden and building stress.

Do I need any collateral or guarantor?

We offer a simpler and more transparent system, no collateral or financial document is required. Pay 60% of the total cost and we will grant you full access to move into your house.

How can I subscribe to the housing scheme

Furthermore, learn the full details about how scheme and the different construction categories we offer, get answers to your questions on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, also send us your questions too by chatting with our online assistant.

Rounding up . . .

Finally, house rent in the city is expensive, have the freedom of living in your own house. Subscribe to our affordable housing scheme and achieve your desire of becoming a House Owner.

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