Our cooperatives’ construction scheme, is targeted at easing the path of cooperators to becoming actual house owners. Majority of staff cooperatives have lands, undeveloped and abandoned lands. We have setup a repayment plan, where cooperatives can spread payment of their house constructions and pay in monthly installments.

Objective of our cooperatives’ construction scheme

One of the core mission of cooperatives, is to acquire properties i.e. lands for their cooperators, they acquire lands in bulk and share among their members. However, these lands are left undeveloped for years because of lack of financial power, or members found it difficult and stressful to build on these lands.

Therefore, our construction scheme for cooperatives, is to assist these organisations in realizing their mission. We aid the development of their lands, by constructing houses for them e.g. bungalows, duplexes.

Build your house in less than 6 months with

a repayment plan lasting up to 36 months

Construction Packages for cooperatives

Cooperatives can subscribe to any of our construction packages, namely PARTIAL, TOTAL and GALAXY, these constructions can be in detached or semi-detached form. Cooperators can build their houses via our repayment plan easily, without experiencing the entire burden of building themselves.

We allow cooperators to choose their house design, payment plan and house features, according to their financial budget and capacity. Cooperators’ houses are built and handover within a stipulated short period of time, while the repayment can last for up to 36 months (3 years).

Build houses for your staffs, cooperators, union members in our estate, and setup repayment plan based on their income

Requirements of our cooperatives’ construction scheme

Any cooperative can subscribe to our construction scheme, but they must meet our strict requirements.

  1. Cooperative must have at least 5 members subscribing to our construction scheme.
  2. Cooperative must tender a structural and architectural design, for any package they want us to build for them. For example, the cooperative will tender designs for any of detached/semi-detached bungalows or duplexes, depending on their building of choice.
  3. Cooperative will be held liable for any default from their cooperators, we won’t be dealing with cooperators directly.
  4. Cooperative must tender available land documents verifying ownership before we commence construction. Only if they have land already.
  5. Cooperative will provide all documentation authorizing us to build on their land.

Additional requirements regarding payment duration, monthly payment etc will be discussed thoroughly before commencing construction. Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions)

Benefits of our construction scheme to cooperatives

Apart from realizing the vision of cooperatives, by assisting them in developing their lands. Some other benefits to both the cooperatives and their cooperators are:

  • Cooperators only have to pay in installments, thereby easing the financial burden of house construction.
  • Cooperatives can use this scheme as an investment opportunity, whereby they rent out or resell the houses after construction.
  • Cooperators can build whatever they desire, with less supervision and stress, since we handle the entire construction for them.

Do you have questions based on our housing scheme?, or your cooperative/organisation has land and you want us to build for you.