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Cooperatives Housing Scheme

What’s the use of a bare land?, subscribe to our cooperative housing scheme and build houses for your cooperators/members instead with affordable monthly installments.

Do your cooperative has land, or are you planning to?.

Let us help you develop your land or start building in our estate


Pick or give us your house designs


Deposit 10% of the total cost


Spread your balance in installments


Pay up-to 60% and PACK-IN

Sample House Packages and Designs

Partial 2 Bed Semi Detached

Low-cost and affordable houses, block work and roofing only, no fittings nor finishing. Suitable for low-income earners.

Total construction 2 x 2Bedroom semi-detached bungalow with basic finishing

Finished houses with basic finishing, painted in and out with fittings. 

3 bedroom bungalow for galaxy construction package

Classy tastefully finished houses, gated and faced with luxurious accessories. 

What's your biggest housing challenge?

How can we help in building your home and easing your experience of becoming a proud Home owner. 

Why build via our Cooperative housing scheme?

  1. Major cooperatives acquire land and don’t develop, cooperators don’t need a land they need a house.
  2. Build in bulk and spread the payment, convenient and affordable for members.
  3. Depending, same design can be built for bungalows or duplexes, enforcing uniformity and strict standards. 
  4. Cooperators don’t build individually but collectively, reducing cost and improving the lives of your members.
  5. Have you been contributing to NHF (Nigeria Housing Fund)?, build for your staffs and members via mortgage assistance and repay for up to 15 years. 

Book for a presentation with us

Let’s meet your executives and discuss about payment plans, prices and designs of the house you want for your cooperators/members. You can either build in your already acquired land or any of our estates. 

You want to build for yourself?

We build for individuals too, see the house designs we build, prices and payment plans.

Do you know?

We handover any of our house packages at 60% payment, you pay up the balance living in your own home in convenient monthly installments

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