We offer financial advice for cooperatives as an add-on service, when they subscribe to any of our products or services. Since cooperatives are planning to invest, for the benefit of their members, we decided  to provide free financial advice. 

Our financial advice, is on steps cooperatives can take to grow their wealth, to increase the returns of her members.

Our financial advice is a free incentive, intended to increase the revenue of organisations, that subscribe to our housing schemes. We partner with top class financial advisers, who will guide the cooperatives and their member in achieving their financial goals.

Benefits of our financial advice for cooperatives

Financial challenges are not limited to lack of physical cash, sometimes members have access to funds, but still need a very strong financial advisory support. We give you and your members free financial advice, as this will open new doors of investment opportunities. Our financial advisers analyse these opportunities, to ensure maximum ROI (returns on investments).

How to qualify for our financial advice

Our financial advice is provided for free, to cooperatives, associations, unions and their members. When any of these organisations, subscribe to our house construction scheme or acquire land and properties from us.

In summary:

We add extra value to your investment with us, by introducing your cooperative to other avenues which can expand your annual revenue. Our main goal, is for your cooperative and her members to have adequate financial knowledge which will guide your decision making when it comes to investments.

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