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  • FAQs on House Construction Scheme

    Do I have to buy land before I subscribe to your housing scheme?

    For you to enjoy our construction scheme, either as an individual, staff cooperative member or an organisation you don’t have to buy land. These houses we are offering will be built in our estate, therefore you don’t need to buy land before we build, once you subscribe for any of our construction package you are paying for the land + house altogether.

    Are these houses already built?

    Based on our experience in house construction, clients always demand for tweaks in design and room size, therefore, we construct for each subscriber to our scheme when they actually pay the initial deposit. This allows us and the client to fully conclude on the house design, room sizes and other features we are providing before we start the main construction.

    Our scheme ensures you don’t just pay for a house, you pay for a house built exactly as you want, read full details of our housing scheme.

    Do you give discounts or any special bonuses?

    We offer special discounts during specific periods and seasons of the year, kindly follow our social media channels to be in touch. On discounts though, this can be negotiated when high volumes of houses are involved especially from staff cooperatives, unions and large organisations, we are flexible and can always strike a bargain with you.

    How long can I spread my payment plan?

    The core motive of our house construction scheme is affordability, we want people to be able to pay conveniently, so the payment plan is based on your income and how much you can afford in monthly installments with ease, we also accommodate the high earners in our scheme, we have setup short payment plans of 2-6months.

    In addition, we also have payment plans mainly for cooperatives and staff unions who might wish to subscribe in large volumes, sometimes we can setup dynamic payment plan based on an individual’s request. Basically our payment plan is not casted in stone, we try to be as flexible as we can for you to be able to build a house in our estate.

    Can you build for me outside your estate and I still pay installmentally?

    Our construction scheme is only for constructions in our estate, any construction project outside our estate has to be paid in full before we handover. Although, if it’s a cooperative society or an organisation who wants to build on a land outside our estate (house construction only), we can also apply our construction scheme for them and they can enjoy our payment plan.

    Read full details of our offer for cooperatives

    Do you build according to how I pay?

    No, our construction scheme is setup to ease the burden of building from you, after you have selected your package of choice and paid the initial deposit, we allocate and commence construction for you. Your monthly installmental payment can only slow down the handing over if you default, for example if your payment plan is for 12months (1year), the entire construction will be finished in 3months but you won’t be able to move in yet until the 8th month (when you would have paid up to 60%) while you eventually complete the payment.

    Can my construction package be upgraded e.g. from Partial – Total or Total – Galaxy

    Yes, we allow upgrading of packages from one category to another, although if you are changing from a structure type to another e.g. 2bedroom – 3 bedroom, 3 bedroom – Duplex, the previous agreement will be nullified because we will be allocating a new structure for you, but it’s also acceptable.

    Do you allow outright payment plan?

    Yes, you can pay outright for any of our packages (2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, Duplex). Our installment payment plan is intended to create an easy pathway for the middle-income earners to also afford building their own houses, there is no minimum payment duration, per the client’s financial capacity he/she can pay outright or spread in 2-6 months or more (36months max).

    Our house construction scheme in detail | Learn about our partial construction package

    Are you a certified company and is your estate registered?

    We are a certified real estate and construction company, certified by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with reg no. 838962. Our estate, Flourish Garden City is registered with Ogun State Government’s C of O. Be rest assured of any of  your property investment with us, our clientele span across cooperatives, Governmental projects, individuals, organisations etc.

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