You came across a house in Lagos, a beautiful house in a nice location. Out of the several houses for sale in Lagos you’ve seen, you admired this particular property and already dreaming of buying.

Then, you inspected the house, checked out the documents, this beautiful Lagos home has everything you wanted, perfect document titles and finishing.

However, you got stuck at the price, you didn’t have up to that amount. You were already scared of losing the property and tried raising some funds.

But, by the time you have gathered the funds to buy, the house is already sold!.

How to avoid losing out on houses in Lagos because of funds

You shouldn’t be losing out of properties because you couldn’t pay at once. Now, there are several houses for sale in Lagos with payment plans, in case you can’t buy outright.

Simply drop an initial deposit and pay later monthly or quarterly to buy any of these houses in Lagos, some ready-built while some are off-plan.

Although, these payment plans vary from one developer to another, as well as one estate in Lagos to another. Therefore, payment plan varies between 3, 6, 12, 18, 24 and 36 months.

Looking for a duplex or bungalow to buy in a developed estate in Lagos

Where are houses for sale in Lagos with installment payment

Most of these houses are not in Lagos mainland, the mainland is already populated and there is hardly any new vacant land for an estate. Therefore, majority of these houses are in Lekki-Ajah axis.

You can find a house for sale in Lagos with installment, buy and pay later in Sangotedo, Abijo GRA, Lakowe, Ibeju-Lekki, Chevron, Ikota and Lekki Scheme II.

Terrace, Semi and Detached Duplexes with payment plans in Lagos

Nevertheless, for the Lagos mainlanders, there are few options like Ikorodu or Lagos outskirts like Arepo and Wawa, where you can find houses for sale and pay later in installments.

Buy from the houses for sale in Lagos with installment and spread payment monthly

In addition, each of these housing estates in Lagos (Lekki, Lakowe, Ibeju, Ikorodu etc) are owned and managed by different developers, therefore payment terms and prices vary for each.

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