Have you recently visited or worshiped in the prestigious Redemption Camp at Mowe?. The extensive landscape, wide expanse of green land and you can feel the anointing in the air during conventions and prayer camps.

However, the Redemption Camp at Mowe is not just one of the biggest convention camps in Nigeria, the presence of the camp has tremendously changed the face of the surrounding neighbourhood of Asese, Mowe, Ofada etc.

With an ever-increasing presence of more than a million worshipers visiting annually, there has been a surge in the demand for accommodation in the neighbourhood, especially during the “Let’s go fishing” program which holds primarily during the major Christian festive seasons of Christmas and Easter.

Buy affordable bungalows via monthly installments

Redemption Camp Neighbourhood

The Redeemed Church Headquarters sits in the heart of Mowe, directly off the ever busy Lagos Ibadan expressway.

Layout of the redemption camp, mowe, ogun state

Bordering the camp in the east and south is the town of Simawa, down to Sagamu, which also links to Ikorodu. In the west, the redemption camp shares border with Asese town.

Buying real estate in the Redemption Camp Neighbourhood

Among the several benefits of the presence of the Redeemed Church headquarters at Mowe, is that towns that were deemed local or far started attracting investments both for residential and commercial purposes.

In addition, the proximity of the neighbourhood to the already overpopulated megacity of Lagos, makes it prime for low and middle-income earners to buy or build houses there.


Within the last decade, several housing estates have emerged around the redeemed camp, from Ibafo, Asese, Ofada, Mowe, Simawa to Sagamu interchange.

Moreover, with the new house installment trend in Nigeria’s real estate industry, you can now also buy houses in the redemption camp neighbourhood and spread your payment for months.

Are you looking for an affordable property to buy via installments?

How to buy a house in installments

Nigerians are now getting tired of buying bare lands, because majority of the lands are left bare for years, abandoned and ignored.

However, with a house installment scheme, you buy or build and spread payment conveniently, depending on the estate, houses are delivered for possession between 60% – 80% payment.


Bungalows at the redemption camp neighbourhood start from affordable prices of N6m to N12m, while duplexes start from N16m to N30m.

Bungalows and duplex around the Redeemed Church Headquarters, Mowe