Installment Payment For Houses in Nigeria (Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State)
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Installment Payment for Houses in Nigeria
(Lagos, Ogun and Abuja)

Having your own house is now easier, set up an installment payment for a house in Nigeria
and only pay in monthly installments.

Own your desired house with simple monthly installment payment

We deliver your dream house through installment payment for houses in Nigeria. Build or buy easily via installment plans, in the major cities in Nigeria (Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun etc)

House Installment Payment Vs Outright Payment

Pros of House Installment Plans

  • Flexibility: buy, choose a convenient payment schedule and spread payment.
  • Most are OFFPLAN, with specified delivery dates and timeline 
  • Affordability: you can now afford to buy houses in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan etc with installment payment, some of these locations you don’t have the capacity to pay at once.
  • High Profit Margin: you buy below the actual market value, when you resell or rent out, your ROI (return over investment) is higher than others. 
  • Quality Control: you can track and assess the quality of the house, from foundation, house design, floor plan, interior fittings, etc
  • Smarter route: you can decide to save till when you have the whole funds, but that doesn’t always work, because you might later divert the funds or when your fund is complete, the house is gone. 

Cons of House Installment Plans

  • High risk: project delivery might be delayed, slow or below expectation. 
  • Default charge: interest might be charged if you don’t meet up with payment. 
  • Location: these house installment plans are only restricted to certain locations in Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan and Abuja. 
  • You can’t move-in immediately, until you pay up to a certain percentage

Now Buy A House with installment payment, Smarter and Easier

With our rapidly growing population here in the urban cities e.g. Lagos, Ogun, Abuja etc, accomodation is getting tougher, and demand for houses is constantly rising higher, view a development history of how a swamp grew into smart Urban town. 

Buy a house in Nigeria with installment payment

Do you desire a ready built home in the major Nigerian cities, namely Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja etc. If it’s too expensive for you to pay at once, why don’t spread payment instead?. 

Available Locations of Installment Houses in Lagos, Ibadan, Ogun and Abuja

Get full details of our installment payment for houses in Nigeria. Check our house plans, packages, prices and locations in Nigeria

Do You Need Help?

You’ve gone through the entire details, but can’t really understand how it works, don’t worry, we’re here to help. 

Do You Have A Request?

Are you interested in a particular type of property (residential or commercial) at a particular location in Nigeria?, submit your details, let’s help you with it 

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