Are you working in or around the mega city of Lagos?, we know how expensive apartments are in Ikeja and how costly it is residing in the Lekki Ajah axis.

But then, Lagos is beautiful, jobs and business opportunities are endless, the shopping malls, factories, offices, headquarters, etc.

Lagos is one of the best places to be if you plan to do business in Nigeria, therefore, everyone wants to live in Lagos.

However, the big question is, if you are working in Lagos, can you afford to buy a house in Lagos?.

Are you looking for an affordable property to buy via installments?

Why people are buying the border towns along Lagos Ibadan Expressway

As a result of high immigration into Lagos, ammodation is on high demand, making it very expensive to reside in certain places in Lagos mainland.

Nigeria housing deficit with statistics

Actually, 6 out of 10 Lagos families are living in rented apartments. But if you are to buy a house or land in Lagos, you will be spending millions even if it’s a simple bungalow.

However, if you can’t afford a house in the main towns of Lagos, then buy around Lagos, so you can buy the towns (Magboro, Mowe, Arepo) bordering Lagos you can still easily afford.

Consequently, over the last 10 years, these border towns have attracted commercial and residential developments, further appreciating the value of properties for sale or to let.

As you move further from Ojodu Berger, you no longer see bushes, but populated communities, industrial factories, warehouses, and several religious camps.

Where are estates along the Lagos Ibadan expressway

New estates are propping up in the Berger Ogun border towns, from Opic Estate, Isheri to Makun City at Mowe, because these towns are close to Lagos.

There are several other popular estates off the Lagos-Ibadan expressway among are Forthright in Magboro, Skylight in Arepo, Greenfield Estate in Asese and so on,

Although, these places might seem or sound far to you, they are not, you would be surprised by the class of houses and how properties here have appreciated when you visit these estates.

Would you rather continue paying high rent annually from your salary?, if you don’t have plans to reside there, buy to invest there.

Nevertheless, you are more likely to be able to afford a property in one of these towns (Isheri, Arepo, Mowe, Magboro, Ofada etc) than in the highly demanding city of Lagos.

Buy affordable bungalows via monthly installments

If you desire to have your own house and Lagos seems expensive, you can pick one of these towns along the Lagos Ibadan expressway.

You can buy an affordable home there, spread the payment. and still live as close as possible to Lagos, your business or your workplace.