How many people in Nigeria know about Mortgage Houses or Mortgage loans?, not a lot. Most of the few that know about it cannot access any of the Mortgage Houses in Nigeria, majorly because of stringent requirements and high interest rates.

However, there are available affordable house repayment schemes, in different states in Nigeria, majorly in Lagos, Ogun, and Abuja.

What are Mortgage Houses?

Building a House can be financially intensive, there are schemes where you can build via repayment. Apparently, these schemes are set up based on a subscriber’s income.

Therefore, a subscriber’s income will determine the house he/she is qualified for and the duration of repayment.

How can I access Mortgage Houses in Nigeria

Although the Federal Government have set up some couple of housing schemes e.g. NHF (Nigeria Housing Fund), the housing challenge in Nigeria is still on a high.

Consequently, Private investors and Real Estate companies have launched several housing packages to alleviate these housing challenges, e.g. NMRC mortgage loans, Union Homes Mortgage loans.

However, these schemes lack proper awareness and are mostly for high earners.

Mortgage houses in Nigeria with 0% interest rate, simply repay in monthly installments

Our House Repayment Scheme provides our clients with options, minimal requirements and housing packages tailor-made to perfectly suit their income with ZERO (0%) interests.

How long can I spread my House Repayment?

As mentioned earlier, we provide you with options, repayment plans can last for 24 months (2 years) or 20 years, it all depends on which mortgage option you chose. 

Moreover, regardless of your payment duration, you can always pay up prior to the period and we handover your home, for some of our mortgage options, we handover at 60%.

What are the requirements for Mortgage Houses

The one and most important requirement is choosing a house package that is affordable for you, as long as you can repay conveniently, we are good. See our low-income housing for staffs and cooperatives 

What are your Mortgage Houses options

Since you desire to build a house, we can assist you to realize your desire with ease, all our housing repayment options are land inclusive, kindly discuss with us.

What would you like to build?, we build it and you spread your payment.

Check out our available designs with their repayment plans, we also build custom designs if you have any and set up repayment plan for you.