Property Development in Nigeria with installment plans

Don't Be Afraid, Start building the property you desire

Property development in Nigeria can be risky and quite demanding, but you can now build with ease, simply spread your  payment in convenient monthly installments while we deliver your choice property.

You can now build your property
in 3 easy steps


Deposit at least 10%


Spread balance and pay in installments


Pay up-to 60% and PACK-IN

We develop commercial and residential apartments for individuals and cooperatives in Nigeria, with spread payment options, either you're planning to build in our estate or your already acquired land.

Features and Prices

Below are features for our property development packages that we offer, kindly note the prices below are for 2 Bedroom only.

Block work
No finishing/fittings
Exterior Painting
Aluminum Roofing
Ordinary Windows
Ordinary Ceiling
Interior Painting
Electrical wiring
Plumbing works
Rooms tiled with local tiles
Fenced and Gated bungalow
Compound tiling with interlocking design
Galaxy windows with P.O.P design
P.O.P Ceiling
Interior Painting with Satin paints
Exterior Painting with Magic paint
All rooms tiled with Italian tiles
Furnished Kitchen
1 Wardrobe

Why build through our Property Development Scheme

  • You don’t buy land at all, once you pay the initial deposit we start building immediately (if you’re developing in our estate).
  • We build in our estate, which is registered with a global C of O. Therefore, your house is safe from any future government reclamation. See reasons why you should build in an estate
  • Or do you have land already anywhere in Nigeria and you’re struggling to develop, let’s discuss a payment plan to help you build your desired property.
  • Our payment plan is setup to be very affordable for you, simply spread your balance for number of years.
  • We save you from the stress of building your property yourself, buying building materials or looking for the right professionals. We handle the entire property construction while you focus on other things. Read more on the benefits of our housing scheme
  • Build the property you desire, either bungalow or duplex or commercial properties, pick from our designs or send us yours. 
  • For cooperatives, our payment plans applies on your already acquired land or if you plan to develop in any of our estates. See our cooperative construction scheme 

You shouldn’t buy land and keep, what you need is a house. With our property development scheme, you get the exact property you want and pay in a way you can afford.

What type of Property Development can you afford?

Carcass Properties

Bungalows and duplexes built and roofed only, no fittings and no accessories.

Partial 2 Bed Semi Detached

Finished Properties

Bungalows and duplexes built, painted (interior and exterior) with basic finishing.

Classy and Luxurious Properties

Bungalows and duplexes built, fenced and gated, all rooms ensuite with a fully furnished kitchen. 

We have collated the likely questions you might have about our property construction scheme. Read our FAQs (frequently asked questions) or chat with us to ask us yours. 

How can we help develop your property?

You can also meet us for a one-on-one meeting or an appointment, we’re flexible and most of our plan are negotiable, visit our head office in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos. Preferably speak with a direct agent, click the button below and a rep will contact you

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