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  • FAQs: Property Development Scheme in Nigeria (with installment)

    When can I take possession or move into the house or property?

    For our property construction scheme, your project will be started after a 10% – 20% deposit (depending on the size of the project), balance will be spread for a stipulated no of months.

    Your project will be completed when your installment payment is up to 60%, which can be paid at your pace. However, for the ready built houses, possession varies depending on the estate you’re subscribing for.

    Are there ready built houses in your estates with installments?

    Yes, if you don’t want to wait for us to build, but will prefer an already built bungalow or duplex in and around Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and Ogun state, with spread payment plans.

    Our house installment scheme covers that, you can pick from the affordable outskirts or the classy highbrows. Kindly note that this house installment applies at specified estates only, properties outside these specified estates can only be bought on outright.

    See the houses and locations you can buy in installments

    Do I have to buy land before I subscribe to your installment scheme?

    You can enjoy our property construction scheme, either as an individual, staff cooperative member or an organisation without buying land, the cost will be land inclusive (this applies only if you’re building in one of our estates).

    However, do you have land already, you can also develop your land or complete your ongoing project with installment payment plans.

    Are these houses already built?

    Our property development scheme is to build and deliver, therefore, we allow our subscribers the freedom to choose a design and determine the finishing.

    Although, we also offer a house installment scheme for ready built apartments for those who prefer pay and packin houses to buy.

    Our scheme ensures you don’t just pay for a house, you pay for a house built exactly as you want, read full details of our housing scheme.

    Do you give any special discount on your properties?

    Discounts are always offered on all outright purchases of our properties, discount can be as high as 20%. If you’re spreading payment for a house, you also get a discount if you pay up before the initial stipulated payment duration.

    In additon, project prices can be negotiated when high volumes of houses are involved especially from staff cooperatives, unions and large organisations, we are flexible and can always strike a bargain with you.

    How long can I spread my payment plan?

    The core of our property installment scheme in Nigeria is affordability, we want Nigerians to be able to pay conveniently, so the payment plan is based on your income and how much you can afford in monthly installments with ease.

    We also accommodate the high earners in our scheme, we have setup short payment plans of 2-12months with attractive discounts.

    In addition, we also have payment plans mainly for cooperatives and staff unions who might wish to subscribe in large volumes, sometimes we can setup dynamic payment plan based on an individual’s request.

    Basically our payment plan is not casted in stone, we try to be as flexible as we can for you to be able to build or buy a house of your choice.

    Can you build for me outside your estate and I still pay in installments?

    Yes, our property development scheme has now been extended to all parts of Nigeria, either it’s the East (Imo, Enugu, Portharcourt), the West (Ibadan, Ilorin, Abeokuta) or the North (Abuja, Kano, Kaduna) etc.

    We develop or complete your building project with payment plan, kindly read our FAQs in full to understand our terms and conditions.

    Furthermore, we also develop for staff cooperatives who have acquired large acres of land, we build and develop this land for their members, while paying at their pace.

    Read full details of our offer for cooperatives

    Do you build according to how I pay?

    No, our property development scheme is setup to ease the burden of building from you, after you have selected your package of choice and paid the initial deposit, we commence your project immediately.

    Your monthly installmental payment can only slow down the handing over if you default, for example if your payment plan is for 12months (1year), the entire construction will be finished in 3months but you won’t be able to move in yet until the 8th month (when you would have paid up to 60%) while you eventually complete the payment.

    Can you finish an ongoing project from shell to finishing with installment?

    Yes, either the project was started by us or a different developer, we can assess and analyze it (drawings will be required) and take it up to completion, with installment payment plans also.

    Terms and conditions are the same with if we’re starting the project afresh. Therefore, you can subscribe for a shell structure only, while as you earn more upgrade into adding finishing and accessories, which will still be covered by same installment plans.

    Do you allow outright payment plan?

    Yes, you can pay outright for any of our packages (2 bedroom, 3 bedroom, Duplex). Our installment payment plan is intended to create an easy pathway for the middle-income and average Nigerians to also afford building their own houses.

    There is no minimum payment duration, per the client’s financial capacity he/she can pay outright or spread in 2-6 months (same as outright payment) or up to 5years (terms and conditions apply).

    Our house construction scheme in detail | Learn about our partial construction package

    Are you a certified company and are your estates registered?

    We are a certified real estate and construction company, certified by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with reg no. 838962.

    We have some couple of estates we’re developing, owned, managed and developed by us. Some are already built-up estates where people are residing already, while we also have a gradually developing site for average Nigerians who might be looking for a property to start small with.

    Nevertheless, all our estates are registered and verifiable from their state’s ministry of land to verify ownership and title.

    Got a question you want to ask us on our property development scheme, or anything you want to know more about our construction products and services

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    House Installment Scheme

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